A Complete Composure

The importance of preparation

Preparation is something you need to do before you do anything. In preparation, you need to learn the case, gather all information and the tools, plan the strategy, and even up to the smallest details. So everything will go according to the plan. You also learn about the other possibility that may arise, the major setback you might face, and how to handle them.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.

- Abraham Lincoln

The simple case of composure Is when you wake up late, most of people when they’re wake up late in the morning, they will panic and take shower immediately and do all the preparation recklessly. But doing things recklessly will resulting new problems, and if they handle the new problem recklessly it will result in more problems and that goes on. The right thing to do when you wake up late In the morning is to spare a minute to take a deep breath and think how much time you have left and figure out how to use them the best possible way so you will not be late to work, thus you can do things more clearly and stay calm because everything is already in your calculation.

Just because you start early doesn’t mean you will finish first. You can start late with well preparation and you can finish first with better results.

Composure is related to confidence

Confidence is a reflection of how much you trust yourself. When you understand the assignment, you understand the whole condition, and you are prepared for anything even for the worst scenario, you feel confident about yourself, then you will never be afraid of anything. Even when the world crumbles down you will be calm and never panicked because know what to do and how to turn things around.

Unexpected things might come around to bother you, but your capacity and composure what keeps you standing still remain unbothered (Sc: Getty Images)

Anger Resolve Nothing

When something terrible happens, most of us just curse things. But cursing things only draining your energy. The energy you suppose to use to think about the strategy is you waste to curse things.


Having good composure can help us to do things right even under pressure. To have composure is to feel confident and have a firm trust in ourselves because we believe in our capacity. Those can be achieved through understanding the whole case and preparing the whole things for any possibility.



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Senopati Diinan

Senopati Diinan

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