A Guide to Choose a Career

To decide what career to pursue, you need understand yourself and set aside external desire such money, status, and others people opinion (Sc : Quad City Custom Design)

Choosing a Career

Maybe you already have a clear plan of what to do, but are you sure all you going to do is based on your conscious choice? Not a choice chosen by your parents or a choice based on peer pressure? It’s important to choose everything on your own and not hugely influenced by external factors such as society standards, peer pressure, and others’ expectations. Because in the end, you are the person who lives your life, if you’re not really into it then you will never enjoy it.

We all are different, we were raised differently and experience different things. Sure it shaped the way we see things and our preferences. We were built for different tasks and we function better at things we built for. The wrench can’t pin a nail properly because it’s a hammer job. and don’t expect all of us to pursue the same thing and do the same thing. We have to figure out what career suits best for us and be the best at the path we choose. (Pic Source: iStock)

Save your money because most people often cannot pursue what they want due to financial problems. But if you save enough money then you’ll be free to decide what you want to do in life.

Be the best at your career

If you have chosen the career that you think suits yourself then good for yourself, but for those who have already chosen a career and starting to feel it’s not right, you are free to set yourself out. Don’t live the way you cannot enjoy. But before you switch your life around, you have to do several things first.

Develop your leadership sense

Almost everyone in your position has similar ability to you in terms of daily job task. To be outstanding than the rest and to make a significant progress in your career is to develop your sense of leadership. To be a leader is to develop sense of ownership and behave like you own the company so everything you do is what is best for company.

-> Conclusion

To find what you’re meant to do is understand yourself, know your strength & weaknesses, choose a career that suits you also never stop learning and improving yourself. By doing that you might not get the success like others achieved but you’ll get the success that suits you the most. It’s not better and not worse but it’s different.

This is summary from What You’re Really Meant to Do by Robert Steven Kaplan (Sc : Amazon)



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