Behind Unheard Prayers

You Only Pray for the Best Thing You Know

We have to admit it, sometimes when we pray, we’re not actually praying. We’re demanding something from god, we wish for our wishes to be granted no matter the situation. And if god doesn’t grant our wishes then we stopped praying and taking conclusion that’s no point in praying because it makes no difference. And in the most frustrating times, where faith is weakened, we start doubting about god existence. And quietly whispering if god really exists why he never answer all of our prayers.

Illustration of a man praying (Sc:

God Talk to You Through Experience

Usually, we pray to get what we want and to avoid the harm. In short, we pray for good things and happiness. But sometimes we don’t get that and we ended up in a horrible situation. And sometimes we grieving if we trapped in a bad situation. We feel so stressed until we can’t see the light. All we see is bad things. And you refuse to see it from another perspective. From positive perspective.

Hardship Shaped You

If you pray to god it means right now you’re working over something, and the output is only two, Is that you’re going to win or lose. When your prayer isn’t granted today you consider it as a loss. But losing is not totally bad for you. Because losing or failure makes you learn, it makes you evaluate, it makes you spot your weakness, it taught you what it takes to earn big things.

Either I win or I learn but I never lose

When God doesn’t grant your wish today, he just wants to put you in a situation that makes you learn. God puts you on this hardship because it’s good for you. Hardship makes you fight until your last breath and it makes you realize your potential. In the end, hardship is going to make you wiser, stronger, and improved as a person. Without you realize, actually Hardships is good for you and someday you’ll be thankful about this hardship because you learned a lot from this, and it gave you experience to handle anything that happens in your life.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

— C.S. Lewis

In the other side, the nonexistent of hardship is bad for you, it doesnt make you grow, it makes you unprepared for big things. Because big things also come with big problems too. If u get used to overcome the problems then the next time you face another problem life then it’s not a big deal for you. Because you already know how to handle it.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

A proof of why the nonexistent of threat and easy life is bad for us is let’s take a look at the dodo bird case. Dodo bird is a mauritius endemic flightless bird and it already extinct in 1681. The story about how this bird went extinct is an interesting case because back to million years ago this bird can fly. For that many years those birds living an easy life without a challenge on this island. They live on this island without its predator and source of food is limitless, they can eat fruits fallen from tree easily, they live effortlessly on that island. That’s why they lost its ability to fly and to run because they never use their wings and their legs to run for a million years. Until first man arrives in Mauritius island in 1500’s CE and hunt dodo bird to eat. Dodo can’t escape from its first predator that’s why that bird went extinct for about 100 years since its first interaction with human.

Dodo skeleton cast and model based on modern research, at Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Sc: Wikipedia)
Giraffe evolution according to Lamarck

> Conclusion

In conclusion, God will grant your wishes. when God doesn’t grant your wish today, he will grant your wishes tomorrow or he will give you something better in the future. But today it’s time for you to learn. Because some things are meant to be earned not given. and by the time you already learned, God will let you have it.



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