How Persuasion Works

The strongest attribute of persuasion is helping people be selfish.

Besides mastering persuasion skills, we need to improve our credibility. Because everybody knows your reputation precedes you. When your reputation is good, your job of persuading others will be easier because they know who you are and it will be easier for them to believe you.

As long as you know how people operate mentally, you can trigger the emotions you seek.

Persuasion in leadership

One of the most important traits required as a leader is being a capable persuader. Because the main task as a leader is making someone believe you and be willing to follow you. If you cannot persuade others and make others believe then what’s the point of being a leader?

You don’t lead because you have a badge or title; you lead because you can persuade others and draw them to your cause.

To be a capable persuader is to make others believe in yourself, and to make others believe in yourself you have to be liked by them. your likability as a leader will be based on your trustworthiness, your ability to make sure people feel heard, and that you’re making them feel valuable as equals. Regardless, likability makes persuasion easy because you don’t have to persuade people. People tend to drop their guard around people they like, and even more so around people that they want to like.

The great persuaders in history are tied together by two common threads: undoubtedly all had great charisma, but they all also had a remarkable understanding of how to appeal to people on their level.

Persuasion in Selling

When we are selling something to people, our motivation should be to serve others. Because people hate hard selling but they are happy to be helped. Almost everyone wants to improve their lives in every aspect so our task is to help them improve their life.

Another practical of Persuasion

Persuasion is not merely on leadership and selling. Persuasion is broader than that. When you are a capable persuader your voice will be heard by anyone and you will have a strong influence on your group. When you hang out with your friends you will be able to choose where place to go, in your workplace you can build healthy relationships among your coworker, with your partner you will have a good love life, and in your career, you can get a better job with a better income.

> Conclusion

Persuasion is a skill everyone needed if they want their life to be easier because as social creatures we cannot get anything done by ourselves. We need others’ contributions in our life. and how to get others to perform maximally for us? We have to be able to influence and persuade them well.



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