How to Boost Our Luck

Four-leaf clover, people often see this leaf as a symbol of luck (Sc : )

Be socially active

A lot of serendipitous moments happen through a connection, through others that can help us reach what we want to reach. The most common thing, in this case, is we tend to be easier to get a job if we know someone who will hire us or someone who works in that company. That is not nepotism, It’s a common thing because people feel easier to work with someone if they know their performance because they have worked together or because someone reliable recommended them to the company.

Be open to any possibilities

In planning things, we want everything to suit what we want. It’s good but on the other side seeing things only from one fixed perspective is not recommended because it prevents us from seeing another possibility that might offer a better outcome.

“The future is uncertain. It’s pretty fast in the way it changes, so we’ve got to create an adaptive mindset. And this adaptability is actually the right element to foster change actively.”

- Joe Kaeser (CEO of Siemens)

Do the groundwork

People tend to think that lucky people earn their success overnight through one lucky experience. The truth is no, nothing in this universe can turn the whole thing around in a night.

An iceberg this big would never break if nothing happened before (Sc: Times of India)

Compound serendipity works like compound interest: The higher the base level, the faster you can accelerate.

Be aware and maximize any opportunities

Serendipity is seeing what others don’t see. Serendipity is about the ability to recognize and leverage the value of unexpected encounters and information. Thus, it can be learned and facilitated at every step. We can develop a serendipity mindset — the capacity to identify, grasp, and wield this powerful force

Serendipity is not just about a coincidence that happens to us but is actually a process of spotting and connecting the dots do we start to see bridges where others see gaps.

Believe that you are lucky

To be lucky is to believe that we are lucky. Because by doing that we will become more alert to things that leads to serendipity. We also become more optimistic in facing problems because we know as lucky people, the solution will come to us.

=> Conclusion

Serendipity is a crucial thing in life, it can change the trajectory of a certain plan to a better situation. Serendipity is something we can improve by being more socially active, open to any possibilities, doing the groundwork, being aware of opportunities, and believing that you are lucky.

This is summary from The Serendipity Mindset by Christian Busch, PhD (Sc: Amazon)



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