Think Dialectically

Immanuel Kant (Sc: Kompasiana)

Skeptical Thinking

To be closer to the truth we need to learn as much as we can from multiple sources and gather all the information, including the opposite ideas. We can’t only learn one narrative and believe it as truth. Always think skeptically by questioning and challenging your beliefs. Because from learning lot of things we got a better understanding of things itself and we get a better understanding how life works.

Paradoxical Thinking

From learning multiple facts we might not able to bear the paradox that arose from our learnings. If someone has a firm belief in their belief then they will close their eyes from the evidence that didn’t suit their belief. But in finding the truth, it’s not the right thing to do.

Dialectical Thinking

Dialectic is a method popularized by Hegel to find the truth. To get closer to truth we need a thesis and antithesis to form a synthesis (conclusion). Things that we learned that suit our belief or popular belief is the thesis, then opposite things that don’t suit our belief but are also right are antithesis. From thesis and antithesis, we can create a synthesis, a new idea based on two previous ideas.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Sc: Wikipedia)


By doing a dialectical method we will get a better understanding of how the whole thing works. And it will be helpful for us to develop our worldview, Perhaps we cannot change our worldview entirely but we can develop it based on our current learning. If we have sharp comprehension of how life works then we can act accordingly following life’s law. Thus everything we do is effective and it will be easier for us to reach our goals. because we are not moving against nature’s law.



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Senopati Diinan

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